Exercise Balance to Prevent Falls, Improve Mobility

Just as a reduction in resistance training can make us weaker and fewer miles on the treadmill can reduce our cardiovascular fitness levels, maintaining good balance as you age requires a continued effort. Such an effort, according to physical therapist and certified...

Be SMART when setting health goals

While annual statistics are bleak when it comes to the success rates of New Year’s resolutions, don’t conclude that goalsetting is a fruitless endeavor, says physical therapist. Simply resolve to set smarter goals.  “Setting small, attainable goals throughout the...

Prehab: ‘Get vertical sooner and recover faster’

The stronger you are before surgery, the stronger you’ll be after.  That’s the philosophy behind prehabilitation (or “prehab”), the process of improving strength and functional capacity before surgery through a comprehensive and targeted...

Your Pain can get better with the right approach

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